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Hello, and welcome to our small corner of the Internet.  I want to be open from the beginning about what this site is and the wisdom it provides, and the most important piece of wisdom I've acquired in my time on this beautiful planet is that I am wrong all the time (and you probably are too).  I'm not wrong on academic issues -- that stuff is easy.  I'm wrong on life issues.  I knew everything at 18, and then again at 25, and now that I've achieved Mike Gundy's full definition of manhood, I feel like I am only now transitioning from knowledge to wisdom.

And with wisdom, I've had to accept that I really only know about those things I've experienced directly myself.  I remember as a young adult, I was focused on finding a spouse who shared my interests.  Oops.  Turns out Paula Abdul and that creepy MC Skat Kat were right: finding someone different from you will challenge you to grow into a better person than you would have otherwise become.  OK, she didn't say it like that, but however you say it, it ain't fiction.  I didn't want kids either until I fell in love with the little monkeys who would become my step-children.  And I certainly didn't need to have another child, because I already had kids I love with all of my heart.  How could having a baby be any different?  Wow ...

I've come to accept that the me who "knew" those things (and many more) really didn't know anything.  That guy once thought religion was for simple-minded people.  That guy actually had the audacity to comment on how other people were raising their children, as if he had any clue what their lives were like.  That guy had clearly defined political views and pretty much knew the answer to every divisive issue.  *Sigh*  I'm glad he grew up.

Here at the Wisdom Bucket, we hope to introduce you to a number of authors who will share the small pieces of wisdom they have gleaned from their life experiences.  Because I can only tell you about the things that have happened to me.  I've never skydived.  I've never been marginalized by society because of something I cannot control.  I've never eaten haggis.  What wisdom can be gained from those things?  I have no idea -- that's the point.  But other people do, and I hope you join me in learning from their wisdom.

Husband, Step-Father, Father. Seeker of Knowledge and Wisdom

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